Hi! My name is Marina and I am a travel guide in Helsinki and Tuusulanjarvi lake, Jarvenpaa areas. My mother tongue is Bulgarian, but I can also make guidance in English and Russian.

Здравствуйте! Меня зовут Марина и я работаю гидом в Хельсинки и районе о. Туусуланярви. Я из Болгарии, но делаю презентации также на английском и русском языках.

Здравейте! Казвам се Марина и съм екскурзовод в Хелзинки и района на езерото Туусуланярви, Ярвенпа. Родният ми език е български, но водя екскурзоводски презентации също на английски и руски езици.

Nice to meet you!

HI! My name is Marina Atanasova. I was born in Perm, Russia. My mother is Russian, my father is Bulgarian. I grew up and studied in Bulgaria. I graduated Аrts in 1998 and Tourism in 2002.

I live in Finland since 2013. I used to live in Helsinki, but since 2018 my family moved to Järvenpää, at Tuusulanjärvi lake, about 40 km north of the capital. Tuusulanjärvi is where at the beginning of the 20th Century a whole colony of artists, writers, composers and intellectuals had been settled. Here are the homes of the greatest Finnish composer Jean Sibelius, writer Juhani Aho, painters Eero Jarnefelt and Pekka Halonen, also the last home of the writer Alexis Kivi. Here is also the only private home designed by Alvar Aalto, Villa Kekkonen. They are very much connected and left traces to the whole Finnish culture, but more about them I could tell you during my tour around the Tuusula lake. ''Ainola'' made me decide to upgrade my knowledge and learn  Finnish language and culture.

In October 2019 I enrolled in Perho PRO business college to study Further Qualification in Tourism Services, where my teachers helped me to develop a broader knowledge about Finland and especially about the capital Helsinki. I am also a specialist guide in Ainola, which is actually the most famous home museum in Finland. I feel this place very personal and I am sure, once you go there, you will feel it too!

My final examination was on 25 of March 2020, when I presented my main guiding tour in the historical part of Helsinki, right in the heart of the city, for 1,5 hours, walking.  Since an early age, I was interested in fine and applied arts and sculpture, I tried wood carving and sculpting myself. That is why my main Helsinki guidance theme is connected with the statues. There I found very interesting things about them, hidden symbols and mystery. If you are interested, you are welcome to this tour!

The Coronavirus pandemic gave us all a big break from travelling this year, but hopefully, everything will go back to normal soon!

I wish you a lot of sunny weather and mood and look forward to seeing you on my tours!

My tours:

Helsinki - expect the unexpected

If you are curious to know more about the history of Helsinki, if you wanna know who is standing in the middle of the Senate square or what represents actually the oldest Helsinki monument, you might be interested to join this tour, unveiling history through some of the most famous statues in the centre of Helsinki. But don't forget, there is something more than the obvious! Come to see and hear more!

Ainola - the place where the silence speaks...

This tour is available only during the summer season and it depends on the museum opening hours. This house was the home of the greatest Finnish composer Jean Sibelius and his family for more than 65 years. It was a meeting place for Finnish intellectuals in the 1st half of the 20th Century. Now it has rich private art collection as well. Welcome from the beginning of May to the end of September to have a closer look and to feel the real Finnish Spirit!